"I want viewers to have more than a pleasing image to look at. I want them to experience what I felt in the creation of the work."

The first inspiration in art came to David from his wife Karen. They married in 1967, David was always sketching something and Karen was always saying, ... "You should really get serious with your art." Just a few years after that he was working on a cattle ranch in Arizona, being inspired by his surroundings he would come home for lunch, put a cutting board on his lap and proceed to draw highly detailed Pencil Renderings in the Western mode. These renderings sold quickly in Sedona Arizona and several were purchased by the Favell Museum of Western Art to be put on permanent display.

Through the years David has displayed in many galleries around the country and accumulated many awards. He has worked in the Western mode, Wildlife, Landscape, Still Life, worked in pencil, pen and ink, oil, acrylic and for the past 20 years he works strictly in Oil Pastel. .... "My roots in art go back to the pencil renderings and the Oil Pastel is again, just an extension of my fingers." David is a Signature member of the Oil Pastel Society and Associate member of the California Art Club.

For the past dozen years or so his focus and greatest inspiration has been the Early California Impressionist work. ... The 1906 home we live in is a masterpiece of the Arts and Craft movement. Everything about the house is inspiration, wonderful hand painted murals by the artists of the day, hand made light fixtures, amazing woodwork details, on and on. Not to mention the countryside. David has a simple philosophy, being, ... "If I can convey the feeling and inspiration that compelled me to paint this scene, then I have succeeded. That is art."

Selected List of Exhibitions and Representation
2012 Oil Pastel Society Show 1st place
2009 Oil Pastel Society Show 1st place
Oil Pastel Society 2005 show, 1st Place
Berozkina Gallery, Kirkland, WA
History of the World Gallery, Camano Island, WA
E.A.F.A. 21st Annual Exhibition, Seattle, WA
Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland, WA
Island Artists International, Guemes Island, WA
Favell Museum of Western Art, Klamath Falls, OR
Husbergs Fine Art Gallery, Sedona, AZ
Quail Ridge Gallery, Sedona, AZ
Covington Fine Arts Gallery, Fort Worth, TX
Clarkdale Art Museum, Clarkdale, AZ
Anderson Fine Arts Gallery, LaConner, WA
Northern Lights Gallery, Anchorage, AK
Belleza Fine Art Gallery, Bisbee AZ
Gallery IMA, Seattle

Recent Published Works
"The Artist's Magazine" July '05
"American Artist" Oct. '05

Oil Pastel Society; Signature Member
California Art Club; Associate Member

1989 Professional Diploma, Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology

1946 Vancouver, BC